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February 12, 2015
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Issue With Having Cable Companies Protect Your Home

I went to the dentist the other day to have my eyes checked.

If something seems inherently wrong with the above sentence, it is because there is. A dentist is an expert in teeth, and as educated on your mouth as they may be, thinking they can also diagnose your vision issues is short-sighted. Experts exist for a reason, and you know that a dentist can help you fix your cavities, an optometrist can prescribe you glasses, and their expertise never intersects.

Armed with this knowledge, it is curious that people are willing to trust the safety of their family to a company that does not specialize in home security. Rogers, AT&T and Comcast have all entered the home security market, yet none of them are known primarily for security. Those companies and the brands attached to them are known as cable or telephone providers. This is problematic for several reasons.

First, as a deterrent, a telecom has no value. Having an AT&T lawn sign is good advertising for the company, but won't prevent a break-in from a burglar.

Secondly, the level of service you get these companies will not be what you should expect from a company specializing in security. As yourself, have you ever called Comcast and had zero hold time before talking to a live person? Does this make you feel secure about their response time during a home invasion?

Lastly, these companies are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Rogers is known as a media company, and they have their hands on magazines, tv stations, and cell phones. They are the epitome of a dentist trying to be an optometrist, with the high prices dentists are known for to match.

When looking for home security, stick with a company that focuses solely on security and not on a little bit of everything. Choose a company that has a vested interest in your family's safety and not just on padding their company's bottom line through incessant bundling. And above all else, if an optometrist comes at you with a dental drill, run! Keep your loved ones safe with real security experts.