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March 8, 2018
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The Problems With The Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a popular voice command product. The product responds to various questions and demands. While there is a coolness and convenience factor in having an Amazon Echo, there are also multiple concerns.

In the news today it was reported that the Amazon Echo is having numerous issues. In some cases it is laughing unprompted, sometimes in the middle of the night. In another instance it out of nowhere said out names of funeral homes.

The Amazon Echo is a device that is always listening. It responds when it "hears" the word Alexa or Echo. Because it is always listening it can lead to errors. These errors can cause false triggers, which may lead to annoyances inside the home. The laughing sound in the middle of the night is not just creepy, but can lead to other issues. This could wake up other people in your home. Maybe a pet. It could potentially make you think a burglar is inside your home.

Another issue with the Amazon Echo is that it stores the data it gathers with the voice recognition software. If you ask it about the baseball game score, it now knows you like baseball. Amazon Echo learns your shopping habits through your voice prompts to it. Why does it compile this data? Because Amazon wants to remarket services and products to you. When purchasing an Amazon Echo you need to think how important your privacy is. Do you feel comfortable with a company holding this information? Do you feel comfortable with them using this data to sell you things?

The Amazon Echo is a powerful device. It can help in certain aspects of your day. But the Amazon Echo does have some glitches and flaws. It is up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.