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March 28, 2014
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Who Is Protect America And What Do They Offer?

Protect America is a home alarm company offering services throughout North America. They sell a self-installed DIY home alarm, where they ship it to their customers through the mail. Protect America has had great success with this model and have over 130,000 customers.

Protect America advertises significantly online. Customers reach out through internet and phone and order a system. The lowest cost plan is $19.99/monthly for a self-monitored system with a three-year contract. In regards to monitored home alarms, plans begin at $35.99/month with a three-year contract to $42.99/month also with a three-year contract.

There is no cost for equipment (as it is worked into the inflated monthly monitoring rates).

The self-monitored system sends a signal to the homeowners in the event of an alarm trigger. The monitored systems connect with Protect America's central station, who then handle the break-in accordingly. Protect America does not offer live two-way voice monitoring.

Similar to other DIY self-installed home alarms, the system is easy to install, with no need for a trained installer.

While we believe self-installed systems are 100% the way to go with today's technological capabilities, the two knocks on Protect America is the inflated monthly monitoring rates and the three-year contract. The services being offered should cost customers no more than $20/month. This inflated price is old school thinking, charge high prices simply because we can. Protect America is locked into these high prices due to a rebound effect from their current customers if they were to lower them for new accounts. Protect America is an expensive option for a self-installed home alarm.

A three-year contract,  or any contract for that matter, is completely unnecessary in today's world of home security. Contracts encourage subpar service, as you are unable to switch to another company if you are unhappy, thus allowing the company you've signed the contract with to rest on their laurels. Beyond that, there is no real value given during the time of the contract. They may try to fool you into believing the value is in a warranty, but the truth is alarm equipment is now made so well there will most likely be no problems with the system not only during the course of the 3 years but far beyond that.

Stay away from any company that makes you sign a contract.

Self-installed home alarms are the way to go, however, Protect America is not the best choice in this space. There are other companies that offer lower monitoring rates, no upfront fees, and no contract. It's important to think protection when getting a home alarm system, and think value and remember that if the company is $20/month and you plan on having your alarm system for say 6 years that's $1440 more you'll be paying!

Protect America can be found at protectamerica.com