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February 10, 2014
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Residential Vs Commercial Alarm Systems

All alarm systems are the same, right? Is the security system I have at work is the same as my system at home? How different could each one be?

Well, you'd be surprised. You have an alarm in your home. You also have an alarm at your office. Both do the same job, but when you think about it are being used for different purposes. To truly understand what makes each unique, we need to look at what they do and how each is constructed.

If you’re looking into ways to make your home safer, it’s a good idea to observe what businesses are doing to prevent theft, vandalism and break-ins.

Advanced commercial security companies can provide great insight into the latest security technologies available.

Commercial properties usually have far more equipment that a residential alarm system. They contain things like swipe card access, which while being very useful in a business, have limited functionality for a home. Commercial systems are far more expensive because of the enhanced abilities and needs.

Here are just some of the principles that can be taken from commercial security companies and used in your own home security.

Home Invasions and Robberies

Many commercial security experts advise business owners to always do as the robber says. This rule can also be applied to break-in situations in private homes as well. Often times, the thieves are just as scared as the ones being robbed. That’s why it’s dangerous to aggravate or enrage the criminal by not doing as he says — especially if he is armed with a weapon.

If you are being robbed in a hold-up situation, try to memorize all details about the thief. Observe his mannerisms and his voice. It is also crucial to note things like his race, age, weight and eye colour, etc. It is these details that will help police identity the criminal quickly. As terrifying as the situation may be, you are helping yourself and your family by getting a good mental snapshot of the perpetrator.


Many homeowners feel a high-tech alarm system is all they need to protect their house and belongings. But simple devices like high-quality locks are crucial when it comes to security. Consider hiring a locksmith to advise you on the best safeguards for your home. From electronic code systems to sturdier lock-and-key devices, there are lots of options on the market today. A good lock is a worthwhile investment that will protect your family and valuables for years to come.

Working Late vs. Being Home Alone Late

Women are often vulnerable to late-night intrusions, particularly if the criminal knows a female is alone. Commercial security companies advise female employees to lock office doors and let bosses know they are staying at the office after-hours. The same principle can be applied to women who live alone or arrive home late at night. Thieves are known to stalk females so that they can memorize a woman’s daily routine and familiarize themselves with the types of people in her life.

Install an automated lighting system in your home. Have the lights turn on an hour or so before you are set to arrive.  Another good tip is to let friends and relatives know your whereabouts after dark. Give them a heads-up that you are working late hours so that they have a reference point should something go wrong.