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May 29, 2019
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Ring.com Employees Spying On Customers Videos

Do you own a Ring.com video doorbell or security camera? Well if you do, you may not be the only ones watching your video footage. It was recently posted that Ring.com employees might be watching your Ring.com video clips! So if you thought you were the only one watching your video clips, you may be wrong!

With the influx of video camera and video doorbells on the market, privacy is of utmost concern. Ring.com is the industry's most popular video doorbell. Bought by Amazon last year, Ring.com has over 1 million video doorbells and camera customers in the US alone. For video surveillance, Ring.com is the 800 pound gorilla.

It was published recently that Ring.com's engineers have been using their customers video footage and live streaming video to test new features for their cameras. This was done without customer consent.

You could have a Ring.com camera in your home and thought you were the only one accessing your video data. Well, you may be wrong. Numerous Ring.com engineers located in the Ukraine may have been tracking and testing facial recognition features on you and your family without your knowledge.

This blatant invasion of privacy is alarming. Ring.com did not disclose to their customers this ongoing tracking and testing. Customers should be asking how to find out if their cameras were tracked and test on. Who has seen your video footage?

Here is a clip to the New York Post article highlighting this breach of trust and another article in tech publication BGR.

At Think Protection we believe that privacy is key. We do not test any new features on live customers video cameras or video doorbells. We don't offer cloud storage do to certain security risks. All of our cameras and encrypted and purely self-monitored. Unlike certain tech companies, our focus is solely security, not data mining. We believe that customer privacy and security is paramount.