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February 12, 2015
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Is Simplisafe As Low Cost As They Claim?

Simplisafe is a self-install DIY home alarm system, that has been advertising throughout the US. They offer a low-cost security system, that is sent through the mail which the customer then installs. The system is then monitored by Simplisafe for a monthly rate through a cellular signal. Simplisafe promotes themselves as a low-cost home security system and service, but are they really as low cost as they claim they are?

The answer is yes and no. If you compare Simplisafe's upfront and monthly pricing to traditional alarm companies like ADT, Vivint, AlarmForce and Protection 1 then answer is yes. Simplisafe's upfront cost for the equipment starts at $220 for their base package and their monthly monitoring starts at $14.95, and there's no contract.

Seems like a great deal right? The problem is that the $14.95 monitoring package doesn't have the interactive features where you can arm and disarm your system from your smartphone. Even without that, the system is still more affordable than those traditional alarm companies, but you're not getting a fully enhanced alarm system. Once you add the remote arming features the monthly cost rises to $25. Suddenly the monitoring rate is looking more apples to apples than those other companies.

While there are additional benefits to Simplisafe, the lack of a contract and no installer coming into your home, the price isn't as low cost as they make it out to be. If you are looking for a truly low-cost home alarm system without any strings, there are other options out there, specifically, Think Protection!