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January 30, 2015
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Simplisafe System Easily Bypassed With Magnet And Tape

Uh oh! Self-install home alarm company Simplisafe has been selling thousands of DIY home alarm systems throughout the US. The company has been very effective in selling these low-cost systems through direct marketing channels and the systems are all monitored through a cellular connection. But things might not be looking so good for Simplisafe, as a new report states that the system can be bypassed by simply using a magnet and scotch tape.

Here is the link to the article which was written on Forbes.com:


The truth is that most alarm systems can be defeated in some form. In older systems, you could either cut the phone line which would not allow the system to contact the central station or smashing the main control box which would then disarm the system. As home security systems became more technologically advanced, they became harder to bypass. This new claim though, is alarming because of the ease of disarming the Simplisafe system.

While Simplisafe offers a great offer in regards to price point, if the system can be easily defeated then obviously customers should avoid buying a Simplisafe unit until the technology advances (perhaps hold off until they no longer use a cellular connection). There are other companies in the self-install home security space, so Simplisafe is not your only choice for home protection.

Think protection when choosing a home alarm system and make the smart decision.