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August 23, 2017
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SimpliSafe vs Think Protection

SimpliSafe and Think Protection are both home alarm companies that serve customers throughout North America. Both popular companies offer low priced do it yourself security solutions. Both companies require no contractual commitment. But while somewhat similar, there are major differences between the two companies, products and services.

HereĀ are 3 major differences between SimpliSafe and Think Protection:

Think Protection's Mobile App Is Free

SimpliSafe offers monitoring of their home alarm for $14.99/month. This, however, doesn't include their mobile app. To add the mobile app the customer has to pay an additional $10 every month. This makes the real monthly monitoring $24.99! With Think Protection monthly monitoring of your home alarm is only $12.99. The mobile app is included for free.

SimpliSafe Doesn't Offer Home Automation

Want to control your thermostat from your smartphone? What about open/close your garage door? Lock your front door remotely? With SimpliSafe you can't. They don't offer home automation solutions with their home alarms. Their alarm systems have limited ability. Home automation isn't a feature they can add. With Think Protection you can add home automation at any time. The control of Think Protection automation is housed within the Think Protection app. This gives Think Protection customers greater control of their systems and better peace of mind. Home automation with Think Protection can be added for $49.99/upfront and then just $1.99/month.

SimpliSafe Doesn't Have Outdoor Cameras

If you want an outdoor camera with SimpliSafe, you're out of luck. Their systems are limited in technological abilities and because of this, you can't add outdoor cameras. This is important since outdoor cameras are becoming more and more a desired feature with home security. With Think Protection you can add indoor and outdoor cameras to your alarm system at any time. This gives customers more options and better security.