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5 Steps To Set Up A Wireless Security Camera

You are planning to get a new wireless security camera. Setting it up is quite easy. Follow these steps and in less than half an hour you will be up and running with your new wireless security camera.

The first step is to take the camera and materials out of the box. It doesn't matter if you have a Ring.com, Arlo, Lorex, Nest camera or one you purchase through Costco, Walmart or Best Buy, all cameras are set up in a similar fashion.

Once the camera is out of the box, prepare all necessary materials. If you are installing the camera outdoors and want to watch outdoor videos, get a drill and make sure it is charged. Most cameras come with a bracket which is drilled into the home's exterior to set up. If you want to put the camera indoors, then you can place it virtually anywhere. Drilling into the wall or ceiling isn't necessary.

Most cameras work the same way. Turn the camera on and find the camera's app on your smartphone or tablet. You can find it through the iOS App Store or through Google Play. When you are done downloading it, create a user account. And this easy process will take just a few moments to set up.

Through the app set up your wireless security camera with a few easy steps. On the camera is either a QR code or a printed number. Through the app input this information, which adds the camera to the system. Next, the app needs your internet to be able to provide you with live streaming of your camera. Find your router through the app and insert your password. Now your camera uses the internet in your home as a gateway to pass through footage and information.

The wireless security camera now is streaming footage through the app, but you're not done yet. To do this you'll need to walk to the desired location and test the signal strength. Is your wifi strong enough to provide enough "juice" to continually connect the wireless security camera? If the answer is no simply add a signal booster. This is an easy solution but now allows the camera to work in an extended range. If things look good and you are streaming footage then you start to drill.

Drilling the bracket for the wireless security camera is easy and will take just a few minutes. Simply drill screws into brick wherever desired. Once the bracket is set up, attach the camera by either screwing it in or by using the magnet attached to the bracket.

Your wireless security camera is set up and works. You can now watch live streaming video through your smart phone or tablet. You have full peace of mind knowing what's happening outside or inside your home from anywhere.

Keep in mind that a wireless security camera only provides a certain level of protection. To truly protect your home and family you need to get a monitored alarm system. A 24/7 monitored alarm system protects homeowners whether they are home or away. So yes a camera is a good start to protecting your home, without a monitored alarm system it only provides part of a full solution.