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June 12, 2015
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The Problem With Alarm Dealers

Alarm dealers are an independent individuals or companies that sell home alarms that are serviced and monitored by another company. For example, ADT has multiple dealers that go under different names that sell ADT services. The dealer gets the customer to sign up for ADT services and they then sell that contract to ADT.

What's the problem with a customer signing up for services through a dealer?

There are many potential issues with dealers. The first is that the dealer is not fully employed by the company they're selling the services of. This is a problem in that they can make false claims where they ultimately aren't responsible for. Once the contract is signed the customer will most likely never see the dealer again, so this voids any check and balance of the claims that are being made.

Second, the knowledge of the actual services is lesser with a dealer, as they are not trained ongoing and there's no continuous quality control of their understanding of current and new services. All contact is a step removed, so there's no way a company with dealers can offer the same ongoing quality as one that does the key steps in-house.

Customers are best served by going with a company that handles all parts of the customer experience. This type of company handles the selling and the service in-house. There are no third parties, all parts are done internally. This means that all contact with the company is direct with the company. And if a dealer claims they are giving you a better deal than you'd get from going to the company direct, then be skeptical. The truth is that usually companies that have dealers inflate their pricing so a dealer can undercut them. This type of costing is unfair to the customer and makes the savings artificial.

For the best security and the best service choose a company that does all processes in-house. Think Protection does not use dealers. Instead, when you call our inbound call center you're talking with a full-time Think Protection employee that is located in North America. This provides the highest level of quality control and allows us to be true to all claims we make.

When choosing a home alarm system, Think Protection!