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July 13, 2017
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ThinkAlert Helps Find Missing Man

ThinkAlert is an incredibly effective tool in helping seniors stay secure regardless of age, medical history or location. It is a mobile P.E.R.S unit, that works anywhere. This was evident in a situation that recently occurred.

A ThinkAlert mobile personal emergency help system user living in Calgary went missing. He was an elderly gentleman. His daughter was trying to contact him, however, he wasn't responding. Alarmed at not being able to contact her father, the daughter reached out to Think Protection.

The Rep at Think Protection attempted to reach the father through the ThinkAlert system. The attempt was unsuccessful. The Rep then checked the GPS coordinates of the unit, which showed the father was 64 kilometers from his home. The daughter was then able to contact her father and make sure he was in good health.

The daughter said that the location her father was was the last place she ever would have looked. She was incredibly thankful for her father's ThinkAlert system. Without the father's ThinkAlert unit the daughter wouldn't have known her father's whereabouts. This shows how valuable a P.E.R.S  can be. ThinkAlert provides incredible peace of mind for caregivers and loved ones. ThinkAlert's GPS tracking and full two-way voice communication allow seniors and those with medical conditions to get help whenever needed.

All of us at Think Protection are happy that this situation had a positive resolution.

If you would like more information about ThinkAlert, contact Think Protection at 1-855-768-4465 or visit thinkprotection.com.