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Toronto Police provide updated crime statistics. 2019 Toronto crime stats show some positive news and some negative. When looking at major crimes, there are increases in some criminal activity and also some positive reductions in others.

Major crimes include assault, auto theft, break and enter, murder, robbery, sexual violation and theft over $5000.

For 2019 there's been a reduction in murders, robberies and sexual violations. Murders have decreased 38% from 2018, robberies 9% and sexual violations 4%. These are all great improvements. We applaud Toronto Police for doing an outstanding job. They provide fantastic ongoing service for all Torontonians.

There have been increases in the other major crimes categories. The largest increase is car thefts. There is a 14% increase this year compared to 2018. Break and enters and theft over $5000 have both increased 10% compared to 2018. Also assaults have grown 2% over last year.

The increases above are not staggering, yet they are concerning. This is especially true if you are a car or home owner. Multiple neighbourhoods throughout Toronto are constantly being targeted. And this is especially true when cars are parked outdoors overnight.

It is important to note that Toronto is a very safe city. When you compare Toronto crime stats to other cities with similar populations, you see first hand that it is indeed quite safe. It's still important to protect yourself. Continue to be vigilant and take the proper steps to protect your home and family.

In regards to break and enters and theft over $5000, you need to safeguard yourself by getting a monitored alarm system. Alarm systems work. If you do not currently have one, get one. Statistics prove that homes with monitored alarm systems are less likely to be targeted than those without. Contact Think Protection to find out how to secure your home, family and cars with cost effective award winning protection.

See updated Toronto crime stats here.

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