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February 12, 2015
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Should Your Vacation Home Have An Alarm System?

People wonder whether it’s worth installing a security system in their vacation home. Can they justify the expense of paying monthly monitoring for their vacation home as well as their main residence? Of course, it depends on the family budget but there are valid reasons why you should install a cost-effective security system in your second home.

First of all, consider the time you spend at your second home. Don’t you want it and your family to be as well protected at this residence as when you are all at your primary home? Burglaries and home invasions can happen at your vacation home regardless of whether you live there all the time or only occasionally. Perhaps you have friends and relatives who use the home when you are not there. Do you like to feel that they are well protected? And remember, it’s not only burglaries that can happen but fires and medical emergencies too, so it would be good to know you’re protected from these events while you are in your second home.

These are pretty valid reasons why a security system is important for your second home while you’re living in it.   Just consider - there are even more reasons why a system is necessary for the times you are not there.

Bad guys figure that folks who can afford a second home are more likely to have stuff worth stealing. Vacation homes such as weekend cabins or cottages are often burglarized because criminals know they are seasonal and often situated out of the way, with no neighbors to notice strangers lurking around. Also, there is less chance that this home will be protected with a home alarm which makes it an easy target.

When you’ve made the decision to install a security system it should definitely come with two- way voice, so there’s a live person voice threatening the burglars that they have been detected and police have been dispatched, which is effective in getting them out of the premises. Make sure you get a wireless system which is simple to install and can be easily relocated if you move. You can always add fire, freezing, and flood detection peripherals to give you peace of mind that your vacation home will be well protected while you are away and reduce any chance of a disaster. Make sure that decals are prominently displayed as a deterrent.

Whether you leave for the week or for the winter, a security system will guard your home for you while you’re no there. All things considered, it makes perfect sense to have your vacation home as well protected as your main residence.