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February 10, 2014
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Burglars Break Into The Same Home Multiple Times

People are often relieved after a burglary to think that it won’t happen again.  Unfortunately, that first time may not have been the last, especially if no changes are made to stop up the security of home. If there was a weak door or window and you just replace it with an inexpensive version of the same you may find yourself the victim of another break in.

A burglar wants to find an easy way to get into your home, he wants to be able to remove valuable items and he doesn’t want to get caught. He doesn’t care whether it is fair or not that you have already been targeted.  If you are going to give him a way to get in again, and he finds a time that seems safe, he will definitely come back. He already knows the layout of the house and knows where your things are. It might even be a situation where he noticed a lot of appealing items that he wasn’t able to take with him the first time.

A burglar may also strike your home again within four to six weeks because he feels that anything of value will have been replaced by your insurance. There are several reasons why a burglar may choose to return to a home for a second session, and it is up to you to prevent that from happening.

Identify the weakest point of your home and fix it. Chances are that’s how he got in the first time, but not always. Check the doors to make sure they have all the necessary security features and have an experienced locksmith come out and go over the various entry points with you. Your home was an attractive target for a reason, and if you don’t make changes to your security, it will remain an attractive target for the same burglar and others. Definitely consider putting in a monitored home security system.

Think protection and learn from this experience and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Only you can be the best deterrent to being a victim multiple times, by adding extra levels of security to your home.