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July 30, 2018
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Smart Home Automation

You've seen commercials from security companies about smart home automation. You're unsure what smart home automation really is. You hear that it's cool and provides convenience, but you don't quite grasp what smart home automation lets you do. What is smart home automation and should you add it to your security system?

Smart home automation is the ability to control various parts of your home remotely through your smartphone or tablet. At the push of a button you can open or close your garage door through your smartphone. Or if you're away from your home, you can lower the temperature on your thermostat to save money on your energy bill. Or if you have a dog walker, you can open your front door lock for them regardless of where you are. Or if you're just in a lazy mood and want to turn off your lights without getting out of bed? Just press a button on an app and voila, your lights turn off. These are just a few of the cool things you can do through smart home automation.

Smart home automation requires a chip in your home alarm panel, which will add smart home automation services to it. This modification lets the panel communicate to various pieces of equipment in your home. The communication could be through different kinds of frequencies. The most common are wifi, zwave and zigbee. Through these languages the equipment can "speak" with the panel. This then lets you control these devices through your smartphone.

At the press of a button you can lower your thermostat or open your garage door. It's full control of your home remotely. This is tremendously convenient. No longer will you have to search for your garage door opener. Or you don't have to give your nanny a spare key. You'll be able to control your home from anywhere.

In addition, you can connect certain devices to react together to create scenes. It's called IFTTS (If This Then That). For example, you can program your system where if your garage door is opened through the app, then your front door is unlocked and your alarm system turns off. Or you can say that when it's sundown, your outdoor lights turn on and your alarm system is turned onto night mode. This is a true smart system - hence the term smart home.

Most home alarm companies offer smart home automation services, yet prices differ depending on company. Some companies charge $10/month for it. Other companies may charge more depending on the amount of devices the system is connected with. The lowest priced smart home automation system is through Think Protection. The upfront cost is $49.99. The monthly charge is only $1.99/month. This is incredibly well priced, allowing everyone to turn their home into a true smart home.

Never agree to any long term contract with any alarm company. This goes as well with smart home automation. Contracts never benefit the customer, only the alarm company. Give yourself the freedom to cancel if you're unhappy.

Smart home automation devices are typically easy to install. This means anyone can do the installation, making a professional installer unnecessary. This is a good thing, as installers would come with an added price. Some devices are literally plug and play. For example a smart light bulb simply just screws in like a normal lightbulb.

Do your research to find out which smart home devices work best for your home and situation. Smart home automation is definitely cool and will provide convenience and peace of mind. Get your smart home automation system today.