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February 10, 2014
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What To Look For When Buying A Safe?

Sometimes, door and window security features, outdoor lighting, landscaping modifications and even alarms don’t end up keeping an experienced, determined burglar out of your home. Home alarms are a deterrent, they won't however stop a thief from breaking in.

However, a good residential safe might keep your valued belongings from being taken.

Safes are the last line of defence after someone has already gained entry to the home, and despite the stories you hear of burglars carting entire safes out the door, it rarely, if ever happens that way.

First of all, a well-built safe is heavy. Even a modest-sized residential unit can weigh more than 100 pounds with nothing in it. You can even find home safes with locking mechanisms that require fingerprint identification or similar features that it is impossible for a burglar to reproduce.

A safe might seem like an old-fashioned way to protect your belongings, but the vast majority of the time it will keep your important documents, jewelry and similar items secure. You can even find home safes that are designed to hold a laptop, if you hate the thought of someone making off with all your personal information. Basically, most of the smaller things that a burglar will typically look for will fit into your home safe.

It’s important to note that most burglars are in a rush when they get into a house. He is looking for smaller items that he knows he will be able to sell, and that won’t take up a lot of space or energy to carry with him. That’s not to say he won’t try to get into your safe, but he certainly won’t try to pick it up and take it with him, and if it won’t open within a minute or two, he will abandon that part of the project and move on. Look for a safe that protects against fire and water too, so your documents and possessions stay safe no matter what happens.