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September 19, 2016
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Home Alarm Trap Zone

Every home security system is designed to deter and detect burglars. Regardless of the provider, the best way to detect a burglar is by creating a trap zone inside the home.

A trap zone is an area inside the home that has the most foot traffic. This area is one that any burglar will walk through upon breaking into a home. It doesn't matter how they get into the home, they will pass through the trap zone.

Hallways and the area at the foot of a staircase are usually key places when establishing a trap zone.

Once the trap zone has been an established, a motion detector placed within it will help trigger the alarm system when activated.

Here's an important security fact: certain things are universal with burglars. One of these is that regardless of the size of your home, the burglar's main target is your master bedroom. Burglars know that's where the good stuff is hidden. Your jewelry, cash, cheques and other valuables are usually found in the master bedroom.

With that said, regardless of how the thief enters your home, they're heading for the master bedroom. A trap zone should be created in an area on route to there.

Think Protection Customer Service Reps are experts in helping you discover the trap zones located throughout your home. When on the phone, we'll strategically set up your home alarm. This way any burglar will trigger your system once inside your home. The proper placement of equipment will help us create trap zones throughout the home. This will maximize your home security

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