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December 14, 2017
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3 Things Every Home Alarm Customer Should Be Doing (And Probably Isn't)

You own a home alarm system. You've had it for a few years. You seem to be happy with your alarm company. Are you really though? Do you even know if your alarm is really protecting you? Here are 3 things every home alarm customer should be doing (and probably currently isn't).

Test Your System

You've had a home alarm system in your home for years and set it every time you leave the house. Do you know though if it's actually working? Most older alarm systems don't tell you if all parts of the system are working. Newer systems show you the status of all peripherals of the system. Are the batteries all working? Is the system in proper shape? Older systems are "dumb", meaning they don't provide updates on their condition. The user doesn't even know if all parts of the system work! With this said, test your system regularly. If you have window contacts, are the system and then open the windows. See if they work. Same thing with motion detectors. This is especially true for systems that don't have an app that shows the status of each piece of equipment!

Check Your Monthly Pricing

The vast majority of alarm companies make you sign a multiyear contract when you sign up for service. During the contract, they reserve the right to raise your monthly monitoring rates. And most do. Some raise it a dollar every year. Others may raise rates a few bucks yearly. Just because a company said your rate is $25, doesn't mean it will be a few years down the line. And there's a good chance you don't know what you're paying because it's a direct withdrawal from your bank account. Most people don't even check their bank statements. Always check how much you're really being charged. Also, understand when your contract ends, so if you are unhappy you can switch to a different company to monitor your system.

Always Be Researching

Just because you have a home alarm system in your home, doesn't mean there are better ones out there. You wouldn't use a 12-year-old cellphone. Why would you protect your home with a 12-year-old alarm system? Technology is constantly improving. And there's nothing more important than your security. With that said, always update your home security. If a newer better alarm system exists, then get it for your home. Do your homework and research online.