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What Is Alarm Supervision And Why Do You Need It?

You may think that all alarm systems are created equal, but that's actually not the case. There are certain things that differentiate one system from another. Certain things like price and home automation features are obvious in what makes one system different, however, there are other things that are more subtle, that adds to the difference. Supervision is one of these subtle features, that in truth is incredibly valuable and makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of your alarm system.

Supervision means that the system understands the state of all of the contacts at all times. This will then effect if the system can arm, making the customer aware of certain things that may influence the effectiveness of the alarm system.

For example, if you have a window contact incorporated into your system, supervision means that the system will not arm if the window contact is open. Instead, the alarm will tell you that the window contact is open and will either make you close the window to arm the system, or bypass that zone when arming.

Not all alarm systems have supervision included in their systems. For example, AlarmForce does not have supervision in their home alarm systems. They do have it in their AlarmCare PERS product (seniors product), but in a basic home alarm system, it does not. So you can arm your system with a window or door open, and the system will still technically arm, without telling you about the open door or window. This flaw in the system is huge, where the main entry point is open and accessible to a burglar.

Supervision gives the homeowner full knowledge of the status of their system, active and inactive. It allows the homeowner to truly understand that once their system is armed, they are getting the ultimate level of home protection.

All Think Protection home alarms have supervision built into the system. At any point, you can see through the Think Protection app the full status of every piece of equipment in your home alarm system. You can choose to bypass certain parts of your system if you'd like all of your smartphones. This knowledge is unparalleled and provides a superior customer experience and level of protection than AlarmForce.

And supervision is included in all of our systems at no additional charge!