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Steps to cancel frontpoint security system

If you bought your home alarm system years ago, you may not want to deal with shopping around for another security system. Yet, if you don't take the time to do so, you may continue paying increasing monthly charges. This could lead to poor services and years of receiving no upgrades, all while under contractual obligation with your alarm company.

Did you know that you can purchase a DIY home alarm system without signing a long-term contract? Once you’ve shopped around, you may decide that Frontpoint isn’t for you. It only takes a few minutes to order a home security system with affordable costs and advanced technology. However, you first need to cancel your Frontpoint services contract.

Follow the Steps Below to Cancel Your Frontpoint Security System

Canceling your Frontpoint security home alarm service only takes a few steps, as follows:

  1. Find your Frontpoint contract so you can refer to it throughout the cancellation process.
  2. If you haven’t reached the end of your three-year contract, you’ll have to wait it out or pay additional fees to cancel the contract.
  3. Contact Frontpoint Security’s at 1-855-705-5071 and follow the prompts to reach customer service. (Frontpoint customer service reps may try to upsell you on retention offers. Hold firm to your decision to cancel.)
  4. Provide any information requested so the rep can cancel your Frontpoint service.
  5. Note that once you drop the services, you won’t be able to use your equipment. So, open an account with another DIY home alarm system, such as thinkpro, to set up services as quickly as possible.

Refer to Frontpoint’s FAQ section for additional information on how to cancel your service with them.

You are now ready to call. Frontpoint Security's phone number is 1-855-705-5071. Press the corresponding buttons to connect to Customer Service and have your information readily available.

Why Choose thinkpro?

The Customer Service Rep will

thinkpro offers fantastic security at affordable costs. You’ll receive advanced equipment with remote monitoring capability. By opting for this dynamic company, you also save money on installation fees. There are several alarm system monitoring packages to choose from. Select a value protection with just the right security for your smaller home or total protection for larger houses.

Why thinkpro?:

So, choose thinkpro — memories, belongings, expectations, protect them all.

Are you ready for a monitored home alarm system that doesn’t include high installation charges or contracts? Call us at 1-855-76-THINK or 1-855-76-84465 or contact us online.