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November 17, 2022
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Alarm System Installation Time: Pro vs. DIY

Time is more precious than money. You can use time to earn money, but you can’t use the money you’ve earned to get back lost time. That’s why it’s important to prioritize time when it comes to a lot of things, including installing alarm systems

So, how long does it take for a professional to set up an alarm system? 

Alarm system installation time varies. But usually, there’s a two-hour window allotted just for installers to get to your place. That’s two hours of wait time you can never get back!  

Keep reading to find out more about security camera installation time.

Factors Impacting Alarm System Installation Time

The installation of a standard wireless security system takes a little over an hour. But there are other factors that could affect how long installers can get your home security system up and running:

Wired or Wireless?

Hardwiring an alarm system significantly takes longer to install than a wireless system—about three hours or so. And that’s for when wires have been previously installed in your home.

If not, then it requires drilling holes aside from physically wiring the equipment into your electrical system, which would need additional time. Some hard-wired systems can even take between five to seven days to install, depending on the degree of difficulty.

A wireless system, on the other hand, requires significantly less wiring since all the equipment connects to the control panel remotely. And as you might guess, wireless systems are faster to install than wired ones.

Small vs. Larger Spaces

How big is your home or business? A studio apartment with one door and two windows requires a lot less installation time than a large space, such as a three-storey home with a garage, multiple entrances, and numerous windows.

A man installing a home security camera

How Long Does It Take to Self-Install a Home Alarm System?

Should you install the alarm system yourself, then? 

First, you have to decide if you're comfortable setting up your home alarm system on your own, with the help of a representative over the phone. If you are, then it certainly opens up more options for you.

It's usually faster to do it yourself, especially when you factor in waiting for a contractor to show up, set up the equipment, and then perform the actual installation. You may have to budget for half a day or more!

Many of thinkpro’s customers report that the alarm system installation time takes only about 40 minutes to an hour and a half. That’s a lot of time saved, plus you’ll also be able to avoid paying hundreds of dollars on installation costs.

Additionally, you can do it on your own time with a professional advisor helping along the way.

Tips for Installing Your Own Home Alarm System

To speed up the process, take everything out of the box and gather the required tools. It’s a good idea to factor in some extra time in case you need to call tech support

Before you get started, talk to your family members to decide who will receive the emergency notifications. Additionally, work out emergency passcodes prior to the installation. Tech support will ask for this information when you call for installation.

A woman monitors her home on a tablet installed on a wall

Save Time with a thinkpro Home Alarm System

Alarm system installation time doesn't take long. With the proper tools and a little patience, you'll be able to figure it out quickly—DIY has never been easier!

Think Protection’s affordable home security solutions with 24/7 monitoring have got you covered. With our pay-as-you-go model, you can purchase security equipment at any time and aren’t locked into a contract. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

If you’re looking to learn more, contact Think Protection at 1-855-533-0776 or 1-855-76-84465.