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July 16, 2018
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How To Cancel Your Simplisafe Alarm System

You have a Simplisafe alarm system and you're looking to cancel monitoring. You've decided to go to a different alarm company or you no longer need the service. How can you cancel monitoring for your Simplisafe security system? What are the steps for cancellation?

It's actually a fairly easy process. With Simpisafe you own the home alarm. Plus with Simpisafe there's no annual contract. This means that you are no obligated to pay out any contractual term. You are simply paying as you go.

To cancel your Simpisafe alarm the first step is you call 1-888-957-4675. This is Simplisafe's toll free number. A Simpisafe Representative will answer the phone. Tell them you are looking to cancel your professional monitoring. They'll ask why and provide some additional value to stop you from cancelling. Remember why you decided to cancel. It's easy to get swayed to stay with monitoring when there's additional reason to continue. At that point confirm cancellation and you're done.

You will not need to send anything back to Simplisafe. There is also no signing of any agreement. This is again because the customer owns the system and there's no long term contractual commitments.

No other company will be able to monitor your Simplisafe alarm. This is because Simplisafe manufactures their alarm system. This means they can lock out other monitoring companies. The system will work as a local alarm though.

To get new alarm services you will have to agree to services from a new alarm company. There are no shortage of other alarm companies. The only other no contract low cost alarm company though is Think Protection. All Think Protection alarms come with $12.99/month monitoring and no annual contract.