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Getting concerned about condo security? Do you live in a condo or an apartment and are considering getting an alarm? You might think to yourself, “My building has a concierge. Do I really need a home alarm system?” Whether it’s a condominium or an apartment, owned or leased, the truth is you should always be protected with a home alarm. Here’s why:

1) Protection From The Unknown

Yes, your condo or apartment may have a concierge or security guard, but the truth is they can’t supervise your space at all times. The concierge or security guard isn’t stationed right outside your unit. There are always people walking the halls who can gain access to your place. Just because you don’t live in a house doesn’t mean that you will be exempt from burglars or break-ins. You need security and peace of mind that comes from a monitored alarm system.

2) Protection From The Known

Your condo has a superintendent or maintenance workers. These workers usually keys to your unit and can enter your unit without your knowledge. Getting a home alarm system can let you rest easy knowing that you’ll be notified if someone is ever inside your place without your permission. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing if an unauthorized worker is inside your home, and a home alarm system provides that.

3) Wireless Options

Certain condo owners or apartment renters get worried about their tenants installing a home alarm system because they worry about wiring and drilling. But, the beauty nowadays is that home alarm systems are wireless! There is no drilling or wiring required, making alarms easily accessible for all renters!

4) Volume Control

Some landlords and condo boards are also concerned about the loudness of the alarm siren, fearing that it will disrupt other tenants and cause a series of complaints. Fortunately, a Think Protection alarm system gives you the ability to control the volume of the alarm siren so you don’t disrupt your neighbors. So you can have a monitored alarm system in your unit without disrupting other people in your building.

It’s important to know that not all alarm companies are created equal. There are a large number of companies that will not provide security services to renters. Others don’t have the ability to lower the volume of their siren. And also some systems require extensive drilling (which is usually frowned upon in a rental unit or a condo).

If you live in a condo or an apartment, consider letting Think Protection protect your home and family. Our monthly monitoring rate is the lowest in the industry at just $12.99 with no annual contract. This provides the customer with peace of mind because they have the power to cancel any time they please. The system is wireless and perfect for any apartment or condo. And with the knowledge that apartment renters also have a tendency to move more – with Think Protection, you own all of the equipment and can take it with you anywhere in North America!

Alarm systems provide an unmatched deterrent value. They let you know when someone is inside your home while you’re away, or at home. With Think Protection you get the absolutely lowest priced home alarm in the industry, the best customer service and the peace of mind of not being locked into a contract, whether you own or rent a condo, apartment or house!

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