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October 20, 2022
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Sean Bredt

Do I Need An Alarm System If I Live in a Condo?

Concerned about condo security

If you live in a condo, you might think to yourself: “My building has a concierge, do I really need a home alarm system?”  

However, even if a concierge or security guard protects your condominium, this protection isn’t absolute. Having your own condo alarm system provides an extra layer of defence and makes your home a lot safer than when you’re completely dependent on just your condo’s concierge/security services.

Here are three reasons why having your own security system for condos is essential.

A condo building

3 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Condo Alarm System


1. Protection From The Unknown 

The concierge or security guard employed at your condo can’t always keep an eye on hallways where people might be walking. Sure, those people might be your neighbours and others living in the same building. However, that isn’t a guarantee of their character

If they turn out to be not-so-nice, then they’ve surpassed the building’s security system because they’re already inside the building! You need security and the peace of mind that only comes from having your very own monitored apartment alarm system.

2. Protection From The Known 

Condominiums usually have superintendents or maintenance workers who have keys to rented units to provide the necessary work for appliances, etc. That means they could enter your home while you’re at work, or at the gym, or on vacation

Avoid the possibility of theft or unexplained damages to your home with your own condo alarm system. Rest easy because you’ll be alerted—be it a door alert or a security camera—if someone is ever inside your place without your permission.

3. Continuous Monitoring 

Having your own security system enables you to monitor what’s happening in and around your unit. This is especially important in shared buildings such as condos, multi-units, and apartments where there are more people and possibly more crimes of opportunity.

What Type of Alarm System Should I Get for My Condo?

There are two types of home alarm systems: hardwired and wireless.

Hardwired Alarm Systems

These are traditional security systems installed and hidden on floors, ceilings, and walls. They provide reliable signals, and there are fewer things that could go wrong with the components.
Because it involves drilling, installation of hardwired alarm systems usually takes longer and must be done by a professional. It’s also one of the main reasons why condo owners do not allow condo renters to install hardwired alarm systems.

No signal interference Involves drilling on walls
Difficult to hack Longer installation time
No battery maintenance Needs a professional to install

Wireless Alarm Systems 

The beauty of today’s home alarm systems is having a wireless option. Wireless alarm systems provide the same security without drilling or wiring required, making them easily accessible for all renters.

Since there are no wires to cut, it’s also more difficult to bypass or work around and can be used in areas where wired systems can’t. However, it can be subject to signal interference and battery maintenance which makes it a little less reliable than wired systems.

No holes in walls Subject to signal interference
Hard to bypass or work around Battery must be maintained
Installation can be DIYed

So, which should you choose between the two for your condo unit? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Ultimately, your decision must be based on which features are most important to you.

Other Considerations

Volume Control

Some landlords and condo boards are also concerned about the loudness of the alarm siren. They fear that it will disrupt other tenants and cause a series of complaints. 

Fortunately, a Think Protection alarm system gives you the ability to control the volume of the alarm siren. This way, you get notified without disrupting others living in your building.


It’s true that having an alarm system is an added cost to your monthly budget. And if you’re opting for wireless alarm systems, they can typically cost more because the technology used is more advanced and they also have more components. 

Fortunately, companies like Think Protection offer cost-effective condo security solutions so everyone can afford to protect their homes without breaking the bank. 

A happy family plays in their apartment 

Keep Your Home Safe with Think Protection 

If you live in a condo or an apartment, get DIY wireless home protection from thinkpro. Trust that you’re getting the lowest-priced condo alarm system in the industry, the best customer service, and the peace of mind of not being locked into a contract, whether you own or rent a condo, apartment, or house.

The best part is, if you’re renting and need to move, you can take the system with you anywhere in North America because with Think Protection, you own all of the equipment!

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