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October 13, 2022
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Sean Bredt

Ensure Home Security While on Vacation with these 4 Tips

Everyone deserves some downtime—especially during the holidays! But the art of unplugging requires planning ahead to prevent unpleasant surprises and guarantee you get the most fun out of your trip. 

Arranging for home security while on vacation not only protects your valuables while you’re away, but it also ensures you come home to a safe place where you can enjoy the post-vacation chill until you’re ready to go back to your daily routine.

Ready to book your next trip? Read these tips before you leave to make sure your home stays protected, even when no one is around.

1. Make It Look Like Someone is Home

Burglars will always choose the easier targets, and the easiest is an unoccupied home. Make your home look occupied by simulating presence in the house. You can do this by:

  • Using light timers and sensors to keep random parts of the house lit at different times of the day;
  • Arranging for lawn services to keep your yard clean and green;
  • Rescheduling deliveries and mail so they don’t accumulate on the front porch and signal to everyone that you are out on vacation; 
  • Having a neighbour, a close friend, or a relative check in on your house regularly; and
  • Hiring a house sitter.

When your house looks occupied, criminals will second-guess targeting your house. 

2. Invest in a Reliable Security System

It might sound like a piece of luxury, but you’d be surprised at how affordable home security systems can be. The estimated loss per burglary incident in Canada is around $6,000. When you compare this amount to the price of a home security system, it is an obvious investment.

According to research, around 83% of burglars will check for alarms before attempting burglary—and the majority will move on to a different house if there is an alarm system on the property. This is why ensuring effective home security while on vacation reduces your chances of being a burglar’s next target.

Still dealing with mortgages? If you’re a new homeowner on a budget, you can utilize more flexible terms where you get to choose the devices and even avoid long-term contracts.

When you have a home security system installed, you can do the following with a click of a button:

  • Remote Viewing
  • When you’re on vacation, cameras can capture and send real-time footage of your home. You’ll be able to see if everything is in order and ask for help when necessary.

    Many home security systems also include camera and microphone-equipped doorbells so you can talk to visitors when they ring your bell, even when you’re not there to open the door. If the unknown visitor happens to be a burglar, you can discourage an attack just by your apparent presence.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Choosing a system with a cellular backup will allow you to monitor your home even during power outages. If you want round-the-clock home security while on vacation, add this service so your system can transmit data all day.

  • Alert Security Services
  • A private security service will be the first to respond to alarms. When there’s suspicious activity in your home, they come to check your property—so you don’t have to rely solely on the police for assistance.

    3. Protect Your Home from Accidents or Disasters

    Be one step ahead of disasters by securing ways to prevent and minimize them. Here’s how you can protect your home while on holiday:

  • Keep Hazardous Materials in a Safe Place
  • If you have flammable items at home (such as home cleaners, paints and cooking gas) make sure they are properly stored and kept away from heat to prevent accidental fires.

  • Unplug Appliances and Turn off the Water Supply
  • If you’re going to be away for a while, it’s safer to unplug appliances to prevent fire due to electrical surges or storms. Turning off the water supply will also help prevent leaks and overflows inside the home. 

    4. Avoid Attracting Unnecessary Attention

    Keep your home safe while travelling by shielding your house from burglars’ radars. In an era when almost everyone is on social media, it makes sense not to announce your vacation plans online.

    Only share the news with people you trust. As your “home vacation cameras” keep your property safe and sound, don’t be tempted to update your account with pictures from your vacation while you’re still there!

    Free from Worry with Think Protection

    Ensuring home security while on vacation has never been easier. With thinkpro’s flexible and affordable home security plans, you have the option to get only the devices and services you need. We guarantee hassle-free installation with no lengthy contracts and no hidden fees.

    Call (855) 75-THINK now so we can ensure you have a worry-free vacation.