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June 2, 2015
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How Does Smart Home Technology Help Realtors?

Smart home technology is the newest thing in home security, allowing the homeowner to control various parts of their home through their smartphone or tablet. Things like opening door locks, control a thermostat and adjusting lights can all be done through smart home technology.

The beauty of smart home technology is that this enhanced experience is perceived as very expensive. While with the vast majority of home alarm companies this is true, at Think Protection it's actually very affordable, costing only $49.99/upfront and just $1.99/month added to our regular home alarm monitoring price of $12.99/month.

A smart home is a fantastic grouping of features to add to any home that someone is thinking of selling. Turning your front door lock into one that can be controlled through your smartphone instantly turns the home into a more desirable address as it now has cutting edge technology! While these features are incredibly affordable, would be home buyers will be wowed by the incredible abilities and will want to pay a premium for it. Smart home turns old houses into modern homes.

Instantly add to the wow factor of the house by incorporating smart home. The goal of any realtor is to sell the home for as much money as possible, and smart home technology will instantly add to the desirability of the home. Get the price you're looking for on the market by installing all the latest smart home solutions from Think Protection!

All Think Protection home automation solutions are easy to install and are priced where each piece of equipment is lower than if you bought them at Home Depot. And if you already have a smart thermostat or door lock, if it has Z-Wave technology in it, then it'll work with our system!

To get more information on smart home solutions, call Think Protection at 1-855-76-Think (1-855-768-4465)!