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April 27, 2018
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Which No Contract Home Alarm System Is Best?

Looking for a home alarm system that doesn't require a long term contract? You have a few options. Which is the best no contract home alarm? What are your choices? Let's compare the offering of a few of them and figure the best value.

Almost all alarm companies require a long term contract. ADT, AlarmForce, Frontpoint, CPI and Vivint all require a 3 year contract. Nest requires a 3-year contract. Xfinity requires a two year contract. Ackerman and Livewatch require a 1-year contract.

The companies that offer a monitored home alarm without a long term contract are Think Protection and Simplisafe. Let's compare Think Protection and Simplisafe to figure out which is best.


Simplisafe's packages start at around $220. A comparable package from Think Protection is $250. Equipment prices are similarly priced. The big difference in regards to monthly monitoring price. Think Protection's monthly monitoring is $12.99/month. That includes access to the Think Protection mobile app. Simplisafe's monthly monitoring is $14.99/month. When you add the mobile app, it's an additional $10/month. That's where the big price difference is. With Think Protection you save $120/year through monitoring. When you consider an alarm owner is with a company for 9 years on average, the savings would be $1080!


The best way to tell the quality of a company's service is through online review sites. Homestars and Trustpilot are two independent online review sites. These sites vet the review. They make sure the review is actually written by actual customers.  When comparing Simplisafe and Think Protection on Trustpilot, Simplisafe has a 5.2/10 rating and Think Protection has a 8.2/10 rating.


Simplisafe and Think Protection both offer monitoring home security. The mobile app is fairly similar. The security products are all wireless and easy to set up. Both companies offer an indoor video camera. The difference currently is that Think Protection offers an outdoor video camera. Plus Think Protection offers a full suite of smart home products and services. Simplisafe currently does not have an outdoor camera. Simplisafe also does not have smart home services.

Ease of Installation

Simplisafe is a DIY alarm system. The system is easy to set up. Simplisafe walks you through the steps. Installation takes around half an hour. Think Protection is also a DIY alarm system. Installation also takes a half an hour. Think Protection staff walks you through the install over the phone. In regards to ease of DIY installation, it's a push. Both Simplisafe and Think Protection are easy to install.


When comparing DIY alarm systems, Simplisafe and Think Protection are fairly similar. The price though is more affordable with Think Protection. Think Protection includes the mobile app free. Simplisafe charges more for the mobile app. Think Protection has more selection of product (outdoor video and smart home services). Simplisafe currently does not offer either. Simplisafe and Think Protection both have no annual contract.

When choosing with DIY home alarm system the best choice (best value, lowest price and best technology) is Think Protection.