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December 8, 2022
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The Best Providers of No-Contract Alarm Systems

A no-contract alarm system is exactly what it sounds like—this type of agreement allows you to get all the benefits of a home security system without locking you into a contract. If at any point you’re not happy with what you’ve purchased, you can leave without paying any penalties.

Unlike long-term contracts where you have to pay monthly for a predetermined length of time, no-contract alarm systems work on a month-to-month basis and can be terminated anytime.

The Pros and Cons of No-Contract Systems 

No-contract alarm systems may work for some but not for others, it all depends on your particular situation and needs.

Let’s take a look at the potential pros and cons of no-contract systems to help you decide if it’s for you:


  • Generally more affordable than security systems with contracts;
  • The system can be tested first; 
  • The system can be changed if it’s not working for you; 
  • You get to own the equipment; and
  • You can still opt for the perks of a contract system such as professional monitoring.


  • You have to keep track of how much each piece of equipment/add-on service costs;
  • You need to install and monitor the system yourself; and
  • Existing hardwire systems are typically not eligible for no contract options—except with thinkpro.

The view from a CCTV monitor showing the different areas of a home

No-Contract Alarm System Providers 

Some things you need to take into consideration when choosing a no-contract home alarm company are monthly prices, equipment cost and features, what’s included and excluded, warranties, and if they offer a money-back guarantee.

Most home security system providers require customers to sign a contract. Fortunately, there are a few out there that don’t. Which companies are these? 

      1. Think Protection 

Since 2015, Think Protection has offered homeowners and businesses alike budget-friendly DIY alarm systems along with professional monitoring services. They have a full range of smart home options that don’t require drilling—making their systems easy enough to set up on your own

You also have the freedom to add services to your panel one at a time. For example, you can start with just a camera and add additional equipment and services at a later date. While other companies require two to three year contracts, this isn’t the case with thinkpro. That means you can buy the equipment upfront without any commitments at two years of 0% interest OAC.

Think Protection is also one of the few—if not the only company—that offer several customer-first policies, such as a 5 Year Warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial

No need to worry about hidden fees, customers have access to the mobile app which is included in the monthly monitoring rate, starting at $19.99 CAD a month.

     2. Ring Security 

Ring Security offers a wide range of security cameras for those not wanting to get locked into a contract. 

Professional monitoring starts at $15 CDN per month, and their starter equipment package is priced at $200 USD; however, if you’re looking for a built-in WiFi router you’re looking at $300 USD. The monthly cost includes all video recording and 24/7 monitoring.

Some pitfalls based on reviews of this provider include: the keypad not having a user-friendly interface, some of the features are hard to reset, and lack of technical support. At this time, Ring Security does not operate in Quebec.

     3. Google Nest 

Google Nest offers a front door monitoring package, an outdoor monitoring package, and a total security plan. While there are no monthly fees, you need a “Nest Aware” subscription in order to use/view video recordings. In late 2023, Brinks will be ending their professional monitoring services for Google Nest, meaning that the device will no longer function as an alarm, only a camera.

The subscription cost will set you back $80 CAD a year for a basic plan or $160 CAD a year for a “plus plan.” 

     4. SimpliSafe 

SimpliSafe has been providing DIY alarm systems and monitoring services since 2006. They have a wide variety of motion sensors and indoor/outdoor security cameras that can be installed with adhesive strips.

They have two different types of plans you can choose from which they claim are “no contract.” Both of these plans require customers to use the SimpliSafe App to access live footage or control their system, paid for on a monthly basis. This can make self-monitoring incredibly difficult, especially for homeowners with multiple cameras on a budget.

Self-monitoring plans with camera recordings (minus the app fees) start at $9.99 USD a month. Interactive monitoring with 24/7 surveillance will cost you around $28 USD a month (minus the app fees).

A family spends time in the living room of their secured home

     5. Abode 

Another home security provider that doesn’t lock customers into a long-term contract is Abode. They offer a wide range of home security that is compatible with many sensors.

Their plan-less option allows users to control and self-monitor their footage, view live video, and receive push notifications. However, it does not have a timeline feature, does not store captured video content, doesn’t include the option for automation.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive package that you can trust while you’re away, you’ll likely need to upgrade to their standard or professional monitoring plans, which are available at monthly rates.

Save Money with No-Contract Alarm Systems

No-contract alarm systems provide exceptional peace of mind without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to equip your home with an alarm system but don't want to get locked into a contract, reach out to Think Protection today. We offer one of the most affordable and quality home security systems in Canada and the States. 

Visit our website or call us at (855) 76-THINK to request a quote!