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No Contract Alarm Systems

You're looking to get an alarm system and don't want to get locked into a contract. What are your options? Which alarm companies don't require a contract? Plus, what are the costs and what are you getting? Which no contract alarm system is best?

There aren't many options for a no contract monitored alarm system. Think Protection offers a no contract alarm system. So does Simplisafe. Beyond these two companies, the other no contract options are self-monitored alarms.

ADT requires a three year contract. The Cable Companies (AlarmForce - Bell Canada, Telus Security and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring) require a two-year contract. American companies like Frontpoint, CPI Security, Bay Alarm, NorthStar Security and Vivint require three year contracts.

So with the two no contract alarm companies, which is best? Think Protection or Simplisafe? To figure that out we need to look at multiple things. What's the price? What do you get? What's the cost of the app? Can you add home automation? What about camera options?

The price of Simplisafe and Think Protection seem similar. Standard monitoring for Simplisafe is $14.99/month and $12.99 for Think Protection. Simplisafe connects through cellular to their Central Station. Think Protection connects through broadband. The big difference is the price for the app. With Think Protection the app is included free. Simpisafe charges an additional $10/month for their app. This brings Simplisafe's monthly monitoring rate to $24.99/month. Think Protection is $12/month less!

Simpisafe and Think Protection are both DIY alarm systems. This means the customer sets up the system. This is an easy process. Installation of both systems takes around half an hour. They also both require no drilling.

Think Protection and Simpisafe both have indoor cameras. Only Think Protection has an outdoor camera. Simpisafe does not currently. The same goes for home automation. Think Protection has a full range of smart home options. Simpisafe currently does not. It is unknown if Simplisafe will be adding home automation.

With Think Protection, you can add these services to your panel anytime. If you want to start with just security, no problem. You can add additional equipment and services whenever you'd like.

Both Think Protection and Simplisafe have no annual contract. This means if you're unhappy you can cancel your service at anytime. A no contract home alarm provides exceptional peace of mind. Plus no contract suppliers are forced to do a better job keeping their customers happy. If they don't, the customer will cancel. Never sign an alarm contract. Plus with a no contract company, they won't raise monitoring rates. If they do, you can cancel. No annual contract, keeps alarm companies honest.

With superior value and great customer service, no contract alarm companies continue to grow better than the rest of the industry. Get a no contract home alarm today!