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August 21, 2017
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3 Reasons Homeowners Should Add Home Automation

Home automation is an incredible service that can be added to your home alarm system. What exactly is it? It is the ability to control certain elements of your house remotely. This is done through your smartphone or tablet. Home automation turns any home into a smart home.

You’ve heard about this home automation trend and are wondering what all the fuss is about? What exactly is it and why is it worth the upgrade? To put it simply, Home Automation gives you access and allows you to control devices in your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world. Devices like your lights, plugs, appliances, heating & cooling systems & more. Here are 3 great reasons:

Ease and Convenience

Many of your daily repetitive tasks can be accomplished automatically or with fewer steps using home automation. Instead of having to manually dim or turn off multiple lights when you want to watch tv, home automation will allow you to accomplish this task with one button. Adjust the temperature of your home while you're out and on the go, ensuring you come home to the ideal climate (Plus with remote climate control you'll save money on energy bills). Lock your front door from your car or simply set a schedule to lock the doors as you leave for work in the morning. By turning your home into a smart home, you'll have a more productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

Enhanced Security

With smart camera feeds, smart lighting and smart locks your home security will be enhanced, giving you further peace of mind. If you've forgotten to lock your doors, you can easily correct that from anywhere through your smartphone or tablet. Close your garage door a the push of a button. Plus you can tie different smart home features with your home alarm system, allowing you to turn on the outside lights when the system is armed. You can even have your smart lights flash if the system is triggered, allowing the police to easily identify your home during a break in.

"Cool Factor"

Remember watching old TV shows and being wowed when they would talk about all the cool stuff you'll be able to do in the future? Well, the future is now. With home automation, you can control elements of your home from anywhere. You'll become a regular George Jetson, controlling your thermostat, lights, door locks and garage doors from your smartphone. Mark your home smarter with home automation.