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November 24, 2022
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Everything You Need to Know About Home Security for Renters

Home security is a common concern—whether you’re a homeowner or renter. 

But while homeowners have the freedom to install security systems in their homes, do renters enjoy the same freedom? 

Below, you’ll find out more about installing an alarm system for renters. 

Can Home Renters Get an Alarm System? 

There are no laws that prohibit renters from getting a security system. However, it’s best to double-check your lease agreement with your landlord for any reference to alarm and security system installation.

There could potentially be a clause restricting you from drilling holes in walls. Or you might be required to secure permission first before you can drill on walls or work with electrical wiring. Property management may also charge a fee to fix each hole you drill after you move out (if you don’t fix them yourself, of course).

So, it’s best practice to ask for permission first—even if there’s no outright ban on security system installation in your lease agreement.

A home security camera installed on the wall of a home

How to Work Around It

If you’re not permitted to drill in walls, there are several ways to still get an alarm system without violating your lease agreement:

Get a Wireless Security System 

A wireless security system remotely connects to the control panel, so you don’t need to drill anything to install it. You can also put the surveillance camera on a shelf or table instead of mounting it to the wall. 

Use Adhesive Strips 

Instead of screws, an alternative installation technique is to use adhesive strips to mount your camera. Just make sure to buy strips that can hold your camera’s weight and are easy to remove so you can do so without damaging the paint or leaving any sticky residue

Discrimination by Security Companies 

Sometimes, the issue of renters isn’t with their landlords but with the security system company. Some companies discriminate against renters by:

  • Refusing to sell their system and services to renters;
  • Forcing renters to pay more;
  • Requiring a down payment for the equipment; 
  • Charging renters a premium; or
  • Requiring a long-term contract. 

They think of renters as a risk because they are more prone to moving compared to homeowners. By getting renters to pay more, requiring a down payment, or locking them in a long-term contract, security companies have cut down their risks and offset installation costs. 

Renters who have invested more in their security system are also less likely to cancel. Although this arrangement benefits the company, it certainly is bad for renters on a budget who only want to secure their homes.

What to Look for in a Security Company 

You don’t have to jump into this kind of agreement. There are other ways to secure your home without any of those strings attached.

First, choose a company that charges all customers the same price, regardless of whether they own their homes or are renting. Think Protection, for example, doesn't require more from a renter except for a valid credit card.

A credit check isn’t even required. Also, the security system can easily be transferred, which means if you decide to move homes later, you can simply take the system with you.

A tenant monitors his home with a tablet

thinkpro: The Best Alarm System for Renters 

If you’re a renter, choose a company that won’t charge you more simply because you don’t own your home or apartment. 

Think Protection offers the best alarm system for renters. We don’t upcharge or lock you in any contract. We also have one of the most affordable yet quality security systems in the market.

Check out our FAQ page or call us at 1-855-76-84465 to start protecting your home with a thinkpro alarm system today!