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January 26, 2023
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What Is Rogers Smart Home Monitoring?

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If you’re researching home security systems in Canada, you’ve probably come across Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. That’s not surprising, as Rogers is one of the biggest alarm companies in the country. 

Are you wondering if Rogers security system is worth the investment? Perhaps you want to study the features, benefits, and pricing of this high-tech home security system in detail.

We’ll start off with a brief introduction. 

Rogers Security System for Smart Homes

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring is the home security service offered by Rogers Communications for Canadian property owners. Rogers Communications is a massive company that offers cellular service, TV, and internet. 

For an additional fee, the Rogers alarm system can include smart home features like remote arming, remote control over thermostat, surveillance videos, etc. While this security system has earned considerable praise, it is significantly more expensive than other solutions. The company also requires three-year contracts for its services.

How Much Does Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Cost?

We’ve compiled a breakdown of the costs associated with the Rogers security system for smart homes

Self-Monitored Solutions

Before we look at the pricing, let’s define what a self-monitored security solution means. This refers to a system that does not connect to a central station. In the event of a break-in, the system would send you a notification, and then you need to take care of the incident yourself. This means that your home and family may not get adequate protection. For this reason, we do not recommend self-monitored systems.

Rogers’ self-monitored home alarm system costs $19.99 per month and requires no upfront fee. While the zero-dollar down payment looks attractive, you can only avail of this offer if you pay $459 to purchase the equipment. Otherwise, they add another $4.99 rental fee to the package. Contrary to its name, Rogers’ DIY security system needs to be installed by one of their staff for an additional fee.

If you’re looking for a DIY Home Security System with no upfront fees, consider Think Protection’s Value Protection Package. It offers the best value at just $0.66 per day, billed monthly. This cost-effective security system also allows users to monitor their premises from inside or outside of their homes.

A woman setting up her alarm system.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Rogers offers smart home security solutions, but they can be quite pricey. You will find plenty of other companies that offer similar smart home security features at a fraction of the cost

For its monitored alarm systems, Rogers charges an additional $12.99 per month, bringing their package cost up to $32.98 per month. Two-way voice monitoring, smoke/fire monitoring, and carbon monoxide monitoring will cost you $3.49 per month for each added service. All these fees can add up. 

In contrast, Think Protection’s Total Protection package has 24/7 monitoring with a cellular backup system. This allows a backup connection and battery in the event of a power outage. You can avail of thinkpro’s affordable security packages for just $0.82 per day (billed monthly). There are absolutely no hidden charges or upfront fees. 

And that’s not all. Keep in mind that Rogers locks users into a three-year contract for their home security solutions. If you want more flexibility, look up Think Protection, which has no lengthy contracts or hidden fees. You have complete control over the features in your security solution and have full transparency at all times. 

What does this mean for your bottom line? Not being tethered to a contract saves customers upwards of $1,000 over a three-year fixed term, or triple that amount if your contract lasts for more than eight years. 

In summary, the Rogers security system is on the more expensive side because of the added monthly costs. Beyond that, you also need to pay for equipment and features that are not part of the basic package.

What Customers Say About Rogers’ Home Security Systems

Some reviews state that Rogers’ customer service needs improvement, with users expressing frustration over slow responses. There were also reports of Rogers technicians not showing up for an appointment, but with no call or message explaining the reason for their absence. Other reviews imply that the company encourages clients to sign up for bundled services, ensuring that they are unlikely to leave for a competitor. 

In contrast, Think Protection has had many customers over the years that have testified to the company’s outstanding customer service.

How to Cancel Rogers Smart Home Monitoring

If you plan to cancel your Rogers alarm system and switch to another provider, you need to contact their customer support via telephone. You can find the contact numbers on the company’s website.

A man setting up a smart home security system using a touchscreen

If you plan to cancel your Rogers Smart Home Monitoring plan, make sure that your contract does not have surprise cancellation or hardware fees. 

According to the agreement, clients will owe the company an “early cancellation fee” in case the company provides the clients with any equipment. The cost credited from this fee will amount to the client’s economic inducement multiplied by the number of months remaining in the client’s service agreement term. The formula looks like this:

ECF = economic inducement x # months left in your Service Agreement Term ÷ total # months in your Service Agreement Term + applicable taxes.

Think Protection for Your Smart Home Security System

Customers need to distinguish between smart home features and home security. While smart home technology is trendy and some aspects have value, a home alarm system needs to focus on offering maximum protection. 

Think about protection when choosing a home alarm system. Thinkpro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to explore our services at no risk.

Our DIY security system is cost-effective and designed with the average user in mind. Our mission is to make sure anyone can install our equipment. You can manage your thinkpro security system with minimal effort and virtually no tech expertise. 

What makes us so different from the rest? We offer a zero-down, no-contract home security system to simultaneously protect your home and your budget. Our security systems are also fully customizable to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient alternative to Rogers’ security system for smart homes, look no further than Think Protection. Contact us today for more information on our products.