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As a country Canada is regarded as very safe. With close to 36 million people, Canada is the 6th safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index 2018. The question is what is the safest city in Canada?

There are many cities across Canada. To decide what the safest is, we need to look at various factors. Population and overall crime weighs heavily into the equation. As does the types of crime. This gives us an overall crime index number and a safety index number.

When we look at crime index and safety index the safest Canadian city is Quebec City. The low crime per population makes Quebec City incredibly safe. While having a population of just over 500,000, Quebec City has very low incidents of all types of crime. This includes violent and non-violent crime.

The safest city with a population over 1,000,000 in Ottawa. Canada's Capital has low rates of all types of crime. With the large government presence in the city, the city is resoundingly safe.

The full list of the top 10 cities in Canada for 2018 are:

1. Quebec City, QC
2. Waterloo, ON
3. Ottawa, ON
4. Calgary, AB
5. Montreal, QC
6. Victoria, BC
7. Toronto, ON
8. Vancouver, BC
9. Halifax, NS
10. Edmonton, AB

The ratings for these cities only factor in the city areas. Suburbs and adjacent cities are not included. For example, Ottawa is the Ottawa metro. It does not include Gatineau. With Toronto, it does not include Barrie, Hamilton, Durham Region or Mississauga.

The major Canadian city regarded as least safe was Winnipeg. This is due to relatively high crime throughout the metro. While still safer than various US counterparts, Winnipeg was considered less safe than those other Canadian cities on the list.

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